The wushu activity in Oradea started at the end of the 1970 –es and the beginning of the 80 – es. In that period, a succession of temerary practitioners impressed by the Kung Fu movies they had seen at that time, tried to practice this mysterious art. Blackout under the name of ‘self-defense group’ because the martial arts were forbidden at that time, learning from several books and magazines (that were so difficult to find), the wushu practitioners trained with great enthusiasm. The mysterious styles found and practiced for a period of time, were enthusiastically practiced and than suddenly abolished.
The living legend of Oradea’s martial arts is Burchardt Pal, known as Pali, the one who gained the first black belt in Karate Shotokan, was among the first who started the studying and practicing of Kung Fu. Nowadays the old fighter became Buddhist Lamas , his chosen path of life being worthy of admiration

The one who succeeded to raise a strong and wellknown organization was shifu Iancu Nicolae.
He was a valuable karate practitioner, but he felt that his mission was to study Kung Fu. So, at the beginning of the 80’es, he started studying side by side with a young team of young enthusiasts. Shifu Iancu trained a lot and he was a man of outstanding modesty. He asked his students to consider him an older friend, an older brother, not a master. Therefore, his students were training heartfelt and gave the best of them during the training classes. Shifu Iancu’s training program was very intense. It started at 3 0’clock in the afternoon and went on till 8 or 9 o’clock in the evening. After individual training, he was coaching the team, than he exercised with fight partners. The members of the team came to the gym everyday at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Since 1980-es shifu Iancu has been studying Chinese acupuncture, astrology and energetics  - he is still studying them nowadays.


Because the study of Kung Fu was at the beginning, the technique part of the training had an encyclopedic character. The study was little by little developed and of course, it depended on the didactic materials that everybody could have got at that time.
This situation went on till 1986, when an important moment took place – a Chinese wushu team came to Bucharest to demonstrate their skills. From that moment, shifu Iancu included in the training program everything that  he had seen at that demonstration. So training became extremely hard and difficult, but everybody knew that it was authentic Kung Fu. Besides, before training, the team exercised Qi Gong – Pa Tua Qin ( wellknown by the experts ). At first were studied the Shaolin style, than the Southern and the Northern boxing styles. At the same time, elements of numerous styles and weapon handle were studied and practiced.

With dedication and effort according to the enthusiasm of the sportsmen, the results began to be noticed. At first, same Karate teams named Kung Fu “kind of ballet”, so they considered it a less technical and martial art. But after several friendly meetings, they realized and appreciated it as a both refined and technical martial art.
Then, demonstrations followed in different other towns and cities. As a consequence of these demonstrations, new Kung Fu teams started their sport activity. The first team was founded in Carei in 1986 and its name was ‘Hong Long Kwan’.
Between 1987-1990 our teams organized many activities were by with those from Bucharest and Budapest – Hungary, this being a good way of establishing friendly relations. In the same period, the Chinese sintetized the compulsory exercises for Chang Quan, Nan Quan and Taiji style forms. In 1988 shifu Iancu wanted to settle two separate teams – one for Nan Quan and one for Chang Quan. He had chosen one of his best students who had the ability of being a leader. That was Romeo Galantai, who has been following his own way from that moment and he is successfully leading a Wushu team nowadays. You can find out information about his activity at http: //www.golddragon.ro.
In 1990 our team had representatives with suffrage for the establishment of the FRAM. In 1991 our team took part in a successful international demonstration of martial arts. At the second exam for instructors organized by FRAM, eight students of shifu Iancu got the instructor degree. In the same time, shifu Iancu gained the degree of 5 duan black belt.
It was a very successful moment in the Wushu activity of our town. The eight instructors started up teams, two of them in Timisoara. The number of the students was over 200 in Oradea.
In those moments of development, the students were in their best shape and age for taking part in competitions and conquests. Romanian Wushu sportsmen gained in short time important international titles. It seemed that it was the turn of our team, too. In 1991 shifu Iancu didn’t want to become a sport manager and retired from Wushu. He was and remained a traditionalist who was able to create a powerful Wushu organisation, but didn’t consider him fit for sports world, with shiny medals, sponsorization and different politics. Shifu Iancu continued what he had known best, starting a team of traditional Kung Fu, studying the style of “the fifth elements”. Consequently all the instructors and advanced students followed him.
In 1991 shifu Iancu chose one of his instructors to coordinate the sport activity of Wushu. So, at the National  Championship of that year only two sportsmen went in and they did it only in fight events. In the absence of their shifu, the students didn’t succeeded in the sport side of Wushu. That was a deadlock – the students didn’t want to go in competitions without their master, while the master didn’t wish to take part in the sport activity. This being the situation, the students didn’t go in  for the competitions, the contact with the Federation was lost and because of that an entire generation of well-trained students was lost too.
Although, that golden generation deserves at least to have their names inscribed here: Lajos, Hoher, Vampirul (Micle Dan), Mattila, Csaba, Sonea, Calin Flora, Leontin, Marincas, Toe, Spenot, Andras, Oras Attila, Papp Zoli, Oras Adi, Juci neni, Bako Csaba, Arabandi, Kis Eva, Alice Gallovits, Katalin, Kis Leo, Bome (Boloni Melinda), Erika Erdodi, Szilagy Kinga, Adina, Janko Tibike, Gringo, Dallos Lori, Istvan Szokolski , Romi Galantai and the undersigned, Kovacs Geza. I apologize for having forgotten some names but I remember all their faces. Spenot lives in New York and learns from a Shaolin master, Istvan continues his individual study in Shaolin style, too. Oras takes part in Shotokan competitions and Hoher is an important member of the Hungarian Shaolin Organization.
The foundation of a commercial society in 1991, by the students, for financing the sport activity and choosing one of the instructors to coordinate the sport teams were unsuccessful. One by one, the teams stopped their activity. In 1992 shifu Iancu had a very serious work accident, after that he had to retire from the traditional Kung Fu activity. In 1994 shifu Iancu retired from the official life of martial arts. The instructors and advanced students stopped their activity or went abroad. As we know that a true practitioner never gives up, rumors and information say that shifu Iancu is training nowadays too and we like to believe that’s true.
After shifu Iancu’s retiring, from 1994 the Wushu activity continued under the leading of Kovacs Geza.