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The International Wushu Federation -  IWUF -  is the main organization of Chinese martial arts of the world. It has over 100 members organized in federations and national associations.
The European Federation of Wushu -EWUF - is the European organization of Chinese martial arts.
The Romanian Martial Arts Federation - FRAM – is affiliated to the IWUF and EWUF through its department of Wushu.
FRAM was founded in February 1990. The president o the Romanian Wushu Association is Dashifu Ion Benea, who is at the same time the vice-president of the Romanian Martial Arts Federation. Dashifu Benea has been practicing martial arts for over 40 years, is the one who has succeeded in uniting the Romanian wushu bustle in a powerful national organization. Shifu  Petru Grindeanu is the general secretary of FRAM and shifu Mihai Ionescu Leonard is the technic director of the wushu department. Under the leadership of dedicated trainers, the Romanian wushu gained a praiseworthy fame all over the world.
Our sports club – C.S. WU MING ORADEA was founded in 2001 and it is affiliated to the FRAM.